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2019-2020 Winter Indoor


Session 1 (Nov 3 –Jan 5)

Girl’s Bantams & Juniors   10 Sundays: 12:30 pm - 2 pm

Girl’s Seniors                    10 Sundays: 1:30 pm - 3 pm     

Boy’s Bantams & Juniors    10 Sundays: 3 pm - 4 pm      

Session 1 (Nov 7 –Jan 16)

Boy’s Seniors                     10 Thursdays: 5:30  - 7 pm

Boy’s High School               10 Thursdays: 7 - 8:30 pm

The Thursday night Classes are off on Thanksgiving 


Session 2 (Jan 12 – March____ )

Girl’s Bantams & Jrs - 10 Sundays until 3/15: 12:30-2 pm

Girl’s Seniors -          10 Sundays until 3/15: 1:30-3 pm

Boy’s Bantams & Juniors -  10 Sundays until 3/15: 3-4 pm    

Boy’s Seniors -       10 Thursdays until 3/26: 5:30–7 pm 

Boy’s High School –  8 Thursdays until 3/5:   7-8:30 pm  

Pricing varies per group based on the number of practices.  See registration for details.

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We are in need of volunteer food runners for Kenosha Raptors Night at Culver's on December 2nd 5 pm-8pm. Please click the link below to signup.

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     Every drill that you do- do it with both hands 50 times each!
     Always wear gloves when you are performing your routine- you play with gloves so why not practice with gloves
     Stand 5-7 yards away from the wall
     Perform this routine at least 4-5 times per week
     Each routine should be at least 20 minutes in length- if you finish all drills in less than 20 minutes, repeat drills starting with the drill that challenged you the most.
    • Quick Stick
    • One Hand Quick Sticks
    • Both Hands - Catch and Cradle
    • One Hand - Catch and Cradle
    • Face Dodge
    • Split Dodge
    • Cross Hand
    • Behind the Back
    • Be Creative And Have Fun Develop
    "Be prepared and be honest."- John Wooden