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Varsity 2015


Welcome to the Online Home of Kenosha Raptors Lacrosse!

To view information about any of our teams, please choose it from the TEAMS Tab above.


Summer Nights Lacrosse Started Tuesday June 20th.  If you didn't make it, that ok.  Come next week!  See details and registration form at the right.


2 Opportunities to be in a parade!  See below for days and times to join in the fun.

4th of July Parades

Raptors in TWO Kenosha area Parades this weekend. Come join your team and club and show the Kenosha area how much fun Lacrosse can be.

KENOSHA Parade: This Sunday July 2nd. Meet in the staging area between 11:30am-12pm at the latest. The staging area this year will be on 64th street between 25th and 26th avenue.

The parade route this year goes up 22nd avenue, east on 60th street, and the north on Sheridan road where the parade will end at 54th street and Sheridan road.

SOMERS Parade: Starts at 2pm on Tuesday, July 4th. We will be meeting in the staging area anytime between 12:30pm-1pm at the latest. The staging area this year will again be along Hwy E, around Shoreland Lutheran High School.

The parade route is identical to last year, east on Hwy E and ending at Somers Elementary School. The club will provide candy for the players to throw out at the Somers parade.

This is a great opportunity to get the word out about our club.

If you have any questions, please ask. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Awesome Opportunity to get Stronger, Faster, Healthier.

The Raptors are Super excited to announce that we have worked out a great deal with LMPT on an excellent, affordable plan for our current 8th grade through high school lax players (and their families) to get high quality expert training from one of the best guys in the business - Billy Larkins.

Both our Boys Players and Girls players will greatly benefit from this program. You will be in better shape to take on all your sports. There are already several Raptors Players taking advantage of this training and this is an even better deal now since we are doing a group rate. Only $50/month for 3 days a week training!

Details are on the Picture below. All questions should be directed to Billy. Contact information is on attachment.
To sign-up, contact Billy and he will get you moving in the right direction.

There is no better deal around. Billy's focus is on the student-athlete. Not just their physical growth, but also their mental growth to include nutrition training. If your athlete has a nagging injury, Billy will work with you to develop an appropriate program to strengthen the appropriate muscles to alleviate the pain and potential for re-occurrence.

These sessions will be co-ed lax sessions, as the work outs are sports specific and not gender specific. This will help our club grow as one in the proper direction. As individuals we can never accomplish what we can accomplish as a TEAM! Dare to excel!

I hope all of you take advantage of this great opportunity. Spread the word!

Some of the boys team that worked out this past winter before the 2017 season.

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Starting Tuesday night, June 20th we will meet each Tuesday through July 25th (Off July 4th) from 5:30 - 7:00 pm (or dark) and play small sided lax games.
This is for boys and girls from 3rd - 12th grade. We will have 4 small fields and we will split up the players each week and play small sided games.
This is meant for fun and to allow all the kids in our club to come together 1 night a week and play lacrosse and just have a good time with each other. No coaches, no drills, just fun games, music and improving your lax skills along the way.
We will have sign up forms on site the first night and the cost is just $25 per player to cover the field costs and a 2017 Summer Lax T-shirt.
Please bring a friend that has never played to come and try it out!

"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"

Not really a Chicken diner, but Niko Therman from the Boy's Senior team is this years winner of the $100 Raptors Spirit Wear Gift Card (even better than a Chicken diner).

Each player in the club, that sold more than 20 Cards, was entered into the drawing. Congrats Niko and thanks for your support in selling so many cards!

MAYLA MAY Newsletter

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MAYLA APRIL Newsletter

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MAYLA March Newsletter

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US Lacrosse Parents News Letter

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Girls High School Lacrosse in KUSD

Update, Jan 30, 2017

We have officially submitted our proposal package to have both girls and boys lacrosse added to the list of KUSD sponsored sports for 2018.

We will keep you posted if we need your support at an upcoming KUSD board meeting.  Until then, if you happen to know anyone on the Kenosha School Board, please let them know that you really support the addition of lacrosse into KUSD.

Update Dec 9, 2016

KUSD is officially opening up to all groups the opportunity to submit proposals for a new girls sport to be added into KUSD athletics.

The Raptors will of course be submitting a proposal. Once all proposals are received the district will review them and them vote on which proposed sport should be added. This will take place in the spring of 2017. Stay tuned.......

Update Oct 4, 2016

Since Steve Knecht is no longer the Athletic Director for KUSD, we have had a meeting with the new AD, Bryan Mogensen, to get him up to speed with everything that we worked on last year.  He is continuing to work on the possibility of girls lacrosse becoming a girls high school sport in the district.  At this point we do not think it will happen in time for 2017, but we are hopeful for 2018 when all three schools will have their fields complete.

 We will continue to keep you posted on any new updates.

Raptor News

    This is Lacrosse - By US Lacrosse

    A little cheesy, but a video that describes lacrosse to someone that has never seen it.

    US Lacrosse Article on Teaching Sportsmanship

    An article explaining the importance of teaching sportsmanship early in youth athletics.

    Science behind a Lacrosse Shot

    Check out this video to learn how to maximize your shot power.


     Every drill that you do- do it with both hands 50 times each!
     Always wear gloves when you are performing your routine- you play with gloves so why not practice with gloves
     Stand 5-7 yards away from the wall
     Perform this routine at least 4-5 times per week
     Each routine should be at least 20 minutes in length- if you finish all drills in less than 20 minutes, repeat drills starting with the drill that challenged you the most.
    • Quick Stick
    • One Hand Quick Sticks
    • Both Hands - Catch and Cradle
    • One Hand - Catch and Cradle
    • Face Dodge
    • Split Dodge
    • Cross Hand
    • Behind the Back
    • Be Creative And Have Fun Develop
    "Be prepared and be honest."- John Wooden